be heavy!

The slogan is intended to express the philosophy of our global company. We want to signal that everything about heavy transport is in good hands with us and our partners. This concerns both the handling and the transport - from the truck, over the rail up to the sea and air freight for heavy goods...

The Antonov is currently the largest cargo airplane in the world providing a load capacity of up to 150 tonnes. This cargo plane has been built especially for the transport of oversized goods. We would be delighted to present an offer to you.

This special kind of logistics in one of our strongest capabilities in transports area. We execute single transports and extensive building site supplies for renown shippers in the concrete / building material sector.

This type of cars are used to secure large and heavy haulage on the road. Depending on security regulations it is distinguished between BF2 and BF3 cars.

This vehicle is designed to escort and secure heavy haulage and oversize transports and is equipped with a yellow warning light. A BF2 vehicle is used for standard hazard alerts of such transports.

This vehicle is used to escort and secure oversize and heavy haulage transports and is equipped with the following items:
- Traffic Sign Unit (WVZ-Unit), tiltable as roof or back unit for backwards signage of STVO-Traffic signs 101 – 276 – 277 including integrated lights for yellow signals or flashlights
- 2 Blinking Lights (‚360 Degree Signal lights’) according to § 52 Par. 4 Stvzo Drivers of these vehicles have to possess a special license.

Our department „Projects“ organises disassembly and assembly of industrial plants and execute according to the requirements with own personnel.

This special vehicle is being used to transport very long goods. The loading area can be expanded from 13,60 m to up to 36 m length.

As part of complex logistic projects as well as part of a single transport we provide the technology and personnel for unloading of goods.

This special Silo Truck is equipped with unloading means underneath the vehicle. Such trucks have a capacity of up to 57 qm and a loading capacity of 29 tonnes.

As part of projects we may unload goods not only on  ground level, we provide the necessary lifting technologies in case the unloading level at the destination is not on ground zero.

Versatile special vehicle for example for transporting concrete building elements as well as sidewalls of street trains. The loading area is 9.5 m, the loading capacity is max. 21 tonnes.
A main advantage of this kind of vehicles is the ability to load wide goods tilt, and therefore not bound to special transport permits, given that the measurements do not exceed limitations.

Our department „Special“ organises transports across boundaries with its own, as well as with flexible international agents and transport partners.

This kind of trucks are used for the transport of loose goods, which do not necessarily need special unloading techniques. Our tippers can carry 29 tonnes or 28 qm.

This special vehicle has a very low loading rim of 43 cm, and is designed especially for the transport of oversized goods with a height of more than 4 metres and high weights.

We would like to provide services for securing your loads. With the pure loading execution we provide all necessary means to secure loads such as straps, anti-slip mats, etc. Our drivers are trained on a regular basis.

Special trucks for transportation of extreme long goods. The loading area is expandable up to 20 Meters length. The loading rim with 1 meter is considered as low.

Special vehicle for transportation of goods with a width of up to 4 Meters. The goods are completely covered by a curtain and therefore weather shielded.

This special vehicle is used for the transport of over length goods. A load length of 55 meters and weights of up to 85 tonnes. Our Dolly trailer have proven its value by transporting Timber and Concrete Polls as well as transportation of wind power plants.

May become compulsory by permit-giving authority due to exceeding certain limits of weight and measurements.

Our service area „Projects“ is specialised on realisation of high sophisticated transportation projects in regards to Transport Quantity as well as Transport Relations and transport related services.

Transportation goods that do not need special unloading means. Within our group we use trucks with a load capacity of 29 tonnes or 57 qm.

Transport of gravel like products. We transport this kind  of goods with trucks with loading capacity of 27 / 29 tonnes and a volume capacity of 57 qm.

Within our service areas "Special" and "Projects" we have specialised in organisation and execution of extraordinary transport and besides maintaining a huge fleet we offer transportation insurance through our own insurance company. Furthermore our staff organise all necessary permits and the appropriate escort vehicles if necessary.

Transportation of Trams is one of our main competencies. Due to long term services provided for Tram manufacturers we possess the appropriate experience for execution of this kind of transport as well as the special equipment.

Special truck with low loading rim (0.3 m) for transport of oversized goods.

Special vehicle with low loading rim (0.35 m) for transport of oversized goods, the loading area is expandable up to 38 m depending on variation.

Special vehicle with low loading rim for transport of oversized goods, the loading area is expandable up to 38 m.

Special vehicle for transportation of very long goods. The loading area can be expanded to up to 21.60 m length.

Transport Permits Transports which exceed certain limits such as measurement and weight given in legislative acts and regulations according to § 29 STVO need to be permitted by relevant authorities.

Transports within the field of Wind Power Plants are one of our main competencies as we look back on a very long and successful history in this market segment..

In Germany and in some other European countries the transportation of goods by trucks is not permitted on weekends. There are extraordinary weekend permits for delivery to building sites and other destinations due to time constraints granted by relevant authorities. In Germany the Weekend Truck Ban is valid on Sundays and Public Holidays from 0.00 to 22.00h

As part of our full range of logistics services we provide secondary and tertiary services such as custom clearance for your imported and exported goods.