Interview with Holger Dechant and Karl-Heinz Webersberger 

Transport of the world's most powerful HVDC transformer

The route from the Siemens transformer plant to the bayernhafen Nuremberg was planned well in advance, bridge calculations and transport statistics were prepared using the vehicle or load dimensions / weights and then gone through in driving simulations.  

Heavy-cargo disposition optimized by students

"Yes" or "No" or "Agree" or "Disagree" - within a computer program, these decisions will destine the way you are carrying on. 

App allows easy access to "heavyNet"

The driver app, introduced last year, with which employees of Universal Transport can connect via Android to the central IT tool "heavyNet", is now easy to use for customers of the heavy-duty logistics provider.  

As the year draws to a close

We enjoyed working with you in the past year and wish to thank you for your collaboration. 

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