Mr. Dechant, Universal Transport has already established itself in many countries, e.g. Eastern Europe, North Africa, Russia and last but not least Turkey. However, you still looking further. What is the future geographic orientation? 

Moving of steel and glass construction for PUMA bridge

Herzogenaurach is mainly known as the home of the two sports giants Adidas and PUMA. 

Subway a top

The Berlin subway runs in some city districts, such as the line U2 above the Schönhauser Allee or the line U1 over the Spree-spanning Oberbaumbrücke, also on a high-way railway line - and not as usual in a tunnel underground.  

Get to the bottom of heavy things

The saying goes “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”.  

Universal Transport already at the “HUSUM Wind” for the fifth time

For more than a quarter of a century, the wind power industry has been meeting in the North Frisian district of Husum. 

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